Interior Decorating

So I quit my day job as a food pantry coordinator to be a full time pester Dad caregiver. He’s still up and able to get around but he’s worn out with a lifetime of diabetes and has been on dialysis for four years now. To say that mostly I supervise is not quite the whole picture but it’s close.

Mostly my job is to make sure the trash gets out. My Dad will keep anything and everything. If I try to get rid of something, an old shelf or some broken piece of furniture, he’ll say “NO, let’s keep it. Put it in the sunroom.”  Need I tell you what the sunroom looks like?

So I’ve made my tasks, or rather one of my tasks, the cleaning and organizing of the sunroom. In my mind, I saw myself happily tossing stuff to the curb and freeing us of the horrible bondage of hoarding. I also try to educate my Dad. If you keep it in a cardboard box, that is hoarding. If you buy a cute little sequined storage box for it, that’s called interior decorating.

Well, he’s not a fan of interior decorating. “I have a plan for that,” can be said of most of what is out there. I have a plan for it too. I see it laying on the curb waiting for the city to come get it! Sadly, it’s not my house and I may have to wait to do the purge I imagine myself doing.

But at least I’ve got one thing on my side. My Dad misses the room he once had to putter around in. Now that he’s tired more often sometimes he’ll just go and sit in the sunroom. Hard to do that when every surface is covered with stuff that needs to be thrown out.

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