So I’ve got 4 more days of employment before I’m a full-time caregiver again. I am ready to have only one job and not be pulled in a hundred directions but I believe I will miss my work and being part of a team and I will really, really miss my favorite clients.

I said a fond farewell for a while, not goodbye since I “intend” to volunteer when I can, to one of my older clients, an elderly gentleman who spends almost as much time in the hospital as he does at home. He always comes in and asks for a cold pop and someone in the pantry will donate the money to buy it from the vending machine.

I’ll miss that. The older crowd coming in to visit and chat with us. They’ll ask questions about information, useful news about what might be on the horizon for the pantry. “Is it time to sign up for Christmas yet?” Or news about donations or why is all the food gone. Well, school does start next week. After spending money on all those supplies, mamas are coming in to get food now.

I’ll miss the activity and the jumble of tasks always needing to be done. I’ll miss the volunteers, those who are court-ordered and those who are just willing to give back. I’ll miss the employees who constantly circulate through the building, most with smiles and greetings and “What did you get in today? I forgot to bring my lunch!”

I’m sure I’ll miss all of that while I’m sprucing up the house to get it ready for whatever is coming. And I need to take more time for myself, to rest and do the things I really enjoy. I’ve discovered over the last two weeks that I really like Audible books and being read to while I crochet or knit. Typically, I would spend so much time on housework when I wasn’t at work that I hardly had time to pull out a craft but I’ve been working double time this last couple of weeks to get things into position. It just feels good to know that soon I’ll have time to smell the roses, even if there aren’t any because it’s a 102 outside.

But I’m sure days will come when I’ll want to go back to the Army and hang out with my friends and colleagues – though we won’t be colleagues anymore. I won’t really be part of the crew but I’ll probably still bring cookies because people can smell ’em as soon as they come in the door. Shout out for Tiff’s Treats! Just like Popcorn, everyone knows when there are cookies!

My cats have been seriously missing time with me. I’m either gone or too tired to pay attention to them. I look forward to vet visits in the next few weeks. I’m sure after that, they’ll be ready for me to go back being gone all day!

And I’ll get to supervise Dad who has been home alone for a good deal of time. Well, his joy is over. I’ll be there now to tell him why whatever it is he’s thinking about doing is probably a bad idea.

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