Big Pharma

So we went to the PCP and she does her little spiel about all she can do for us. Then she suggests this new medication because, she says, it will grow new nerves. Uh, if that were true, you wouldn’t be telling us about it. Word of mouth would have us asking for it.

So we get the new med and Dad starts it and the doc says take it for a month so we’ll know if it works. Wait. What?

Fast forward one month. Dad was cleaning out his wallet and lost his ID cards. His memory is so bad he started asking me, “We live here?” I mean, it was night and day, a bad example of what medications can do to the elderly. And some cognitive impairment is normal with age. All of the horrible things he did when I was a kid he has absolutely no memory of. That’s completely normal and I know this because all the people my age have parents with the same lousy memory of their tragic childhoods. But for him to misplace his insurance card in the five minutes he was cleaning his wallet – that’s not cool.

So we’re not taking that anymore. It got so bad even the dialysis clinic called me and we had a bit of a discussion about it. So I know it’s not just here at home that it’s happening. And I know it freaks him out too. No one wants to have that happen to them. No one wants to be forgetting things that are important and insurance cards for someone in his position are very important. Yes. The doctors already have copies but you have to be able to produce proof that you still have that insurance. Just in case they ask.

So I’m hoping things return to normal here and he can go back to remembering what I’m fussing at him about. It’s hard when he forgets what I’m nagging him for. Takes all the fun out of it for me.

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