I had so many plans for my evening. As an office worker, I get the privilege of coming home to a few hours which are mine to fill. A busy day at Pantry, taking care of Dad, taking care of the house and myself ( a chore in itself ), and making sure things get accomplished, bills paid, tasks checked off the list – all of it together does get overwhelming even though many people think my life is easy. After all, I only work part time, because taking care of an elderly person is super easy and never stresses you out. Unless you are related to that elderly person. In which case it’s super stressful.

I’m fortunate enough to live 10 miles from work and Dad’s dialysis. I came home after dropping him off because I left my phone at home. So, while I was here, I decided to make a pizza. I enjoyed that in front of the TV. DCI Banks was just winding up it’s last season on Amazon Prime. I had enough pizza for lunch and then some for dinner.

Got home from work and made Dad dinner then ate myself. As an adult, pizza affects me differently. Used to, pizza was just one of those things I can eat and then eat more of later. Now, ten minutes after I eat it, I’m asleep. So my evening hours which are so precious to me – Yeah. I slept through them.

There were so many promises of adulthood. Grownups have more fun. They get to play adult games. Take vacations. Drink. All lies. Most adults I know hurry home so they can get back in bed. Adulting is hard.


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